Borderless Solutions for
Primary Deal Origination!

Better returns through consistent deal flow

Increase Trade Deal distribution and raise Trade liabilities

Benefits delivered

Benefits for financing banks – buyers of risk

Ability to operate where there is no presence

We enable banks to originate inward flow and grow their portfolio without the need for physical presence.

Enhanced transaction yield

Increase yields through primary origination, reverse fit origination to credit appetite and continuous deal flow. Improve RoE/RoRWA via credit enhancements though ECA and Multilateral covers on LC issuing banks.

Helps grow portfolio

We connect banks directly to importers and exporters, helping you find deals you may never find.

Flexibility to allocate risk capital as per requirements

Banks can originate as per their appetite by defining tenor, deal size and country of risk, enabling better utilization of credit appetite.

Structuring solutions

We bring Credit Insurance agents and Multilateral Development agencies on the same platform to improve risk appetite and distribution.

Improved risk weighted returns

We can arrange a credit wrap for country risk or issuing bank risk thus expanding appetite on a deal, reducing risk weighted assets and improving returns. Over 35% of our transactions were credit wrapped.

Benefits for LC issuing banks – sellers of risk

Arrange alternative sources of liquidity

We can arrange foreign currency trade liabilities for your bank through innovative and non-traditional structures with better pricing.

Increase trade deal distribution

LC issuing banks can increase customer wallet share by passing on the benefits of cheaper foreign currency financing to their customers.

Improve capital structure

We can arrange trade liabilities under innovative structures, longer tenors and better risk mitigation to improve your capital structure.

Increase transaction banking income

We can arrange cheaper foreign currency financing with longer tenors to match your customer’s working capital cycle or project financing requirement.


Usance Payable at Sight (UPAS)

Extend your payment terms as an importer and/or receive payment at sight as an exporter.

Letter of Credit Confirmations and Discounting

Mitigate country risk or bank risk of your trade counterparty and get better discounting rates.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) financing

Arrange financing against SBLCs supporting an underlying physical trade.

Reimbursement Finance

Access import financing without changing the LC advising bank or routing documents through the financing bank, under a reimbursement structure on Usance LCs.

Foreign guarantee issuance

Arrange for bank guarantees against local counter guarantee covering advance payment, performance, retention guarantee etc.


Forfaiting enables exporters to receive funding by assigning their trade-related receivables secured with trade finance instruments such as a Letter of Credit to a financial institution at a discount. 


Interested in solutions for Trade risk distribution and Risk mitigation for Capital relief and better returns?

Not only that we also provide access to foreign currency low cost liabilities.

Case Studies

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“Interlinkages has been instrumental in incremental and recurrent business transaction referrals to Yes Bank. Not only is their conversion rate high, implying high quality CRM, their active intervention in timely repayment helps us improve our overall quality of lending book."

Yes Bank, India
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Talk to our experts to find out how Interlinkages Online can help your business.