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Grow your business

We can help unlock cash flows and reduce financing costs by offering a wide range of trade finance options.

Improve profitability and reduce financing cost

Our customers have availed interest cost savings of upto 1.50% per annum!

Increase your trade, even with ‘difficult credit risk’ countries

We ensure that your local bank’s credit appetite on a foreign country does not become a growth constraint for you.

A global network of financial institutions at your finger tips

Online access to a global network of banks saves time spent on calls with bankers to find the right pricing.

Receive competitive quotes hassle free

It doesn’t matter what the tenor, company size or deal size is – we will connect you to the most competitive quotes.

Access to matched foreign currency financing

We arrange for LC discounting lines in currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY, among others. No need to use expensive local currency lines or take the risk of mismatched currency financing.


Usance Payable at Sight (UPAS) / Supplier’s Credit

Extend your payment terms as an importer and/or receive payment at sight as an exporter.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) Financing

Arrange financing against SBLCs supporting an underlying physical trade.

Reimbursement Finance

Access import financing without changing the LC advising bank or routing documents through the financing bank, under a reimbursement structure on Usance LCs.

Letter of Credit Confirmation and Discounting

Mitigate country risk or bank risk of your trade counterparty and get better discounting rates.

Foreign guarantee issuance

Arrange for a performance/financial guarantee in your country of business backed by your local bank guarantee.


We can help you get access to solutions for your working capital requirements, to local and regional banks globally, and add new banks to your bank group.


Receive funding by assigning their trade-related receivables secured with trade finance instruments such as a Letter of Credit.

Solution advisor

Confused about which offering or combination of offerings meets your specific needs?

Get in touch with our experts who will recommend a solution specific to your business challenges and needs.

Case studies

The company was able to discount their LCs and not drawdown on their expensive local bank facility. They were able to produce and sell more with additional funds at hand.

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Interlinkages Online connected the company to a local bank in Bangladesh which had credit appetite on the company's working capital bank. The company was able to provide the guarantee without impacting its project profitability.

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Customer speak

“Over the last one year, Interlinkages Online has been our ‘go to’ product for all LC UPAS needs. We were able to get quotes across issuing banks and the rates were significantly better than the market alternatives. We have specially found the long tenor quotes to be extremely competitive. We also value the relationship with the Interlinkages team for bringing the Global banks to our table and sorting out any operational issues whenever needed for smooth transactions."

Large corporate
Asian Importer

“Interlinkages was able to provide UPAS 360 days financing at competitive rate even though our transactions are smaller in size and we were earlier paying much higher rate to local banks for similar size transactions. We are currently a Small and Medium size Enterprise with aggressive growth plans and financing efficiency goes a long way to keep costs low.”

Knitted Fabric Supplier

“We recommend Interlinkages Online especially to all the companies who are looking at innovative ways of getting competitive longer tenor financing. We had invoiced in CHF, USD and EUR and they provided the cheapest costs for the LC transactions.”

Large corporate
Cotton and Blended Fabrics Producer

“Interlinkages has been providing us services from December 2016 onwards for both commodities and capital goods. We found Interlinkages Online to be very efficient in saving our interest cost in foreign currency."

Asian Importer




To start using the Interlinkages platform, you will need to register and create a corporate account with us. You can do this by clicking here.

Once we receive your registration request, our administrator will verify and approve your request. Upon approval, you will be provided with a username and password with which you can login to our platform and submit a financing request at

Receive Financing Quote

To receive a financing quote, you will be required to submit basic details related to the underlying trade transaction. These basic details include names of the counterparties, LC opening banks, value and description of transaction and financing tenor, among other details. After you submit your details through our one-click submission form, your transaction details will be broadcasted to all interested banks on our platform, who will provide you with financing quotes within 1-3 days.

View Quotes

You can view all quotes you receive from multiple banks and select the most suitable one using our platform. At the time of selecting a quote, you will receive details related to the location (city/country) of discounting, credit rating of the bank, the overall trade finance cost and the method of calculation. These details will help you take a more informed decision.

Finalize Deal

If you are satisfied with a quote, you can select the most suitable quote to interact directly with the financing bank through the online discussion box provided on our platform. You can also add related parties to the discussion box and maintain an audit trail of the discussion as well.

During the entire process, our service team will be available to help you out with any doubts or queries you may have.

The actual transaction will be processed through normal banking channels. Interlinkages Online does not handle the flow of any funds or documents

Interlinkages is a platform meant only for business entities that are registered as a company, partnership, LLP or proprietorship, with a valid legal status in the country of registration. An account can be created by any authorized representative of such business entities. There are no other pre-requisites to registering on our platform.
As an online platform, we have setup processes to verify and approve the registration requests and the identity of the authorized representatives and associated legal entities. This platform is meant for importers and exporters who are principals in any trade transaction. Third parties, agents and brokers do not have access to our platform and its associated features. Only importers and exporters with existing facility limits with banks will find value by using our platform.
We do require you to provide us with basic ‘Know Your Customer’ documentation in a time-bound manner once your registration request is approved. It is also necessary for you to have approved fund-based or non-fund-based facilities from your bankers which can be used for issuing letters of credits or guarantees. Interlinkages will help you discover the best confirmation and discount rates against these credits or guarantees.

There is a one-time registration fee which will enable you to submit deals and receive quotes. You will be charged a fee for every bid that is successfully accepted by you. We provide full transparency on our fees, and you will be able to view all associated fees before you accept a quote. There are absolutely no hidden charges, and you only need to pay for what you see and accept.

After the one-time registration fee, you are required to pay per transaction at the time of accepting a quote on our platform. To understand the competitiveness of our service, please add our transaction fee to the quotes that you receive from banks.

The transaction fee for Interlinkages will be shown to you before you accept the quote. Transaction fee may vary depending on country risk, bank risk, bank appetite and tenor, among other factors.

Money back guarantee: In case a deal doesn’t go through for reasons beyond your control, the fee paid to Interlinkages will be added back to your online wallet.

Currently, Interlinkages accepts payments through PayPal, where you can create an account and add acceptable credit cards. If you do not already have a PayPal account, please refer to this link.

Customers can also create online wallets and use wallet funds to make payments for transactions on Interlinkages. Please write to us at for instructions on how to create an online wallet.


No. Interlinkages does not collect payments on behalf of anyone. Bank interest, fees and all associated charges need to be paid directly to the financing bank through usual banking or SWIFT channels. Interlinkages only functions as a price discovery platform, and we do not handle fund flows or bank payments.

Interlinkages Online is designed to handle multiple deal submissions through a single click under the Bulk Upload option. You can access this header row on the screen. To submit multiple deals, you are required to create a .csv file in the given format provided and upload the file.

No. Interlinkages only serves as a marketplace for price discovery and does not handle any fund flows or flow of documents.

Once you accept a financing quote, the deal is concluded for our purposes. All financial transactions happen via normal banking channels outside our platform. Issuing banks will provide LC to the counters of banks selected by you, and the entire operational process works under SWIFT based communication.

No. Interlinkages does not handle the presentation or delivery of documents which happens through usual banking channels. While Interlinkages provides deal support, the documentation flow is handled as per normal bank requirements. Interlinkages does provide full operational support needed to conclude transactions though.

Yes. Interlinkages has a dedicated support team to handle deal executions and post-deal issues. We are completely service focused, and we are able to deliver the best in-house services for every single one of our customers.


When you submit a transaction request on Interlinkages, the deal is instantaneously broadcasted to all the banks on the platform. However, banks may take some time for internal approvals before they submit financing quotes to you. The intention behind this is to obtain the lowest possible quotes for you.

Each deal on Interlinkages is matched in real time with the best quotes available in the market at that particular time. Typically, you can expect to receive quotes between 1-3 days.

We are not limited by any specific trade corridor. So far, we have supported trade for over 20 trade corridors including countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle East. We do not engage in trade involving any sanctioned countries.

Which solution suits my business best?

Interlinkages Online is designed to facilitate access to global banks for financing your imports or exports under letters of credit. We also support other financing solutions that are linked directly or indirectly to bank line financing (where the underlying risk is that of the bank).

The financing solutions that our platform supports includes:

  • Letter of credit confirmation and discounting
  • Supplier’s credit
  • Usance payable at sight
  • Letter of credit financing under reimbursement authorization structure
  • Guarantee issuances in foreign countries backed by counter guarantees from banks in different countries

Interlinkages Online supports these financing solutions for varied tenors, currencies, banks and countries, including financing for capital, goods and raw materials.

Yes, Interlinkages Online is designed to support multiple currencies including USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF and many others. Please indicate currency of interest when you place a request.

We highly recommend that you submit a request for financing quote on Interlinkages prior to issuing an LC. This is because financing banks may require some changes to the LC or may add clauses depending on the financing structure proposed.

While it is possible to obtain quotes on Interlinkages after the issuance of an LC, this narrows the choices available for financing. This happens because financing banks also prefer to be the LC advising banks in most cases, unless if financing is under a reimbursement or IRU structure.

The deal submission section on Interlinkages allows you to indicate multiple issuing LC banks for obtaining financing quotes. We recommend you submit the names of all potential LC issuing banks when submitting a request so that the financing bank can provide a quote for the desired bank.

We have noticed better pricing when you provide options to the financing banks as bank line availability is dynamic. This happens because pricing and bank line availability is usually different for different LC issuing banks. This feature helps you choose the best LC issuing bank based on the financing quotes by reverse-fitting LC issuances.

We recommend that instead of paying sight LC by using your local currency financing/fund-based limits, you should open a Usance LC instead. With Usance LC, you can avail Usance payable at sight (UPAS), where your exporter will still get paid at sight by the financing bank, but you will also get a credit period to make the payment (90/120/180/360 days, depending on your industry requirements). You require a Usance LC facility under your LC limits to avail this product.

Interlinkages can arrange financing quotes for UPAS, which are usually cheaper than available local currency financing. Please note that this doesn’t include foreign currency hedging charges. You will need to discuss these charges with your bank if needed.

If you have any questions or doubts related to the structure of Usance LC facility, please write to us at and one of our service representatives will get in touch with you.

For such cases, we recommend that you avail supplier’s credit by discounting the export LCs received from your customer. This way, you will get paid on sight by a financing bank while the customer gets credit for 180 days. You will be able to unlock your cash flows by converting receivables to cash earlier.

If you have any questions or doubts related to the structure of Usance LC facility, please write to us at and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

In such cases, you can use Interlinkages Online to obtain guarantee issuance quotes from local banks in a foreign country, against a counter guarantee from your bank. Please submit your deal under the Bank Guarantee section on our platform.

Interlinkages Online also allows you to upload desired guarantee drafts which can be reviewed by foreign banks and can then be issued as per local regulations in that particular country.

Contact Us

Talk to our experts to find out how Interlinkages Online can help your business.

Contact Us

Talk to our experts to find out how Interlinkages Online can help your business.